The usual delivery time for a shipment is:

Peninsula and Balearic Islands 5 working days. 1 week.(Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays not included)

Canary Islands. 10 calendar days.

Europe. 10 calendar days.

Our delivery time begins when the payment has been made and in case of payment by bank transfer send an email to with the bank receipt. If you do not send the receipt, we will wait to see the banking movement to prepare your order.

Shipping methods.

1. Peninsula and Balearic Islands Depending on the weight/volume of the shipment we use the following companies.

SHIPPING. Web. Tel. 902 40 09 09 09

DHL EXPRESS. Web: Tel. 902 12 24 24 24

SEUR. Web: Tel. 902 10 10 10 10

2. Canary Islands. Due to the customs formalities of the Canary Islands we are obliged to use only mail.

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. May I know where the package is?

Every time a DHL order is shipped, it automatically sends an email to track your shipment.

To track the shipment through CORREOS send us a message through the order manager requesting the sending of the tracking reference.

2. If we notice any damage in the package that is delivered to us. What do we do?.

Generally, the carrier will have you sign the delivery notes and you have to sign the delivery note and, in addition to signing it, you have to put "PACKAGE IN BAD CONDITION".

This way we can claim in the event of damage to the package.